Laboratory & Equipment Planning Services

For renovating an existing laboratory or building a new facility

Fisher Scientific’s laboratory equipment and space planning services goes beyond just laying out casework and equipment, it encompasses different design methodologies integrating ventilation, power and utilities within laboratory projects to maximize space efficiencies and energy savings, and minimize initial capital investments and operating costs. Involvement covers the appropriate design and equipping of the laboratory. Providing guidance and professional input of various laboratory safety aspects, workflow design, air ventilation, electrical and weight/heat loading requirements, and other issues pertaining to laboratory design and functionality.

Fisher Scientific’s equipment planning services range from evaluation of existing laboratory equipment/inventory, to assisting in sourcing and procuring appropriate equipment. Having Laboratory Planners from early facility design stage through construction brings continuity to coordinating critical installation details of laboratory equipment.

After developing project concepts and design, we undertake build and fit-out service from designs provided.

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